Now that’s an advantage of life in the woods! No nutty schedules to follow! But I do get tired and bored of the same old stuff every day. Miss Kathy says a schedule keeps kids busy and happy-what a wild idea! Meals are served at established times daily. Meals and snack are served at least two hours apart.


Center opens for business: With our infants during this time, we have diapering, individualized feeding schedules, one-on-one time and sometimes naps. Children are given quiet activities such as free play, books, or puzzles to help ease them into the day.


Children are taken to their classroom to potty, and free play until breakfast is served.


Breakfast: After morning free play and all of our children have arrived, teachers enjoy family-style breakfast with their students. Parents may stay at the center and feed their child their breakfast meal.


Clean up- Potty time, hand washing and free play until breakfast is complete.


Morning learning program! Children are challenged and educated with an age appropriate curriculum that focuses on the “whole child’s” development. During class time, the children have snack time, playground time, and time for art and fun activities. All of our children are given morning outdoor play time, including our infants. A more detailed schedule is posted in your child’s classroom.


Class time clean-up and lunch preparation! We put supplies away and clean–up for lunch. Children and staff practice appropriate hand washing techniques. Teachers and staff also practice universal precautions.


LUNCH! Parents may visit the center during this time if their visit does not cause undue stress for their child. Menus are posted in all classrooms, and a copy is sent home on Monday for the week. We eat our meals with our two-year-olds and preschoolers family style. After eating, we assist our 2-4 year olds with hand washing and tooth brushing. Children are given only four ounces of juice each day with one of the snacks, and milk and water with meals and their afternoon snack. Teachers sit and eat with the children engaging them in conversation.


Naptime – Our busy little ones are worn out. Their nap is an important part of their day! Our toddlers and preschoolers must have nap covers and blankets each day. These will be sent home each Friday to be laundered and returned on Monday. We are not responsible for items not labeled.


Up from nap! Clean-up and snack time.


Children use the afternoon for free play, arts and crafts, music and games. In addition to the 60 minutes of morning outdoor playtime an additional 60 minutes of afternoon playtime is provided, as weather permits. Extreme hot or cold days will be monitored by center staff, with outdoor times adjusted accordingly. We do go outside in cold weather, so all children must have coats, hats and gloves during periods of cold. Please be sure all children have weather appropriate clothing as seasons change. Parents should provide a water bottle for ages 1 to 4. Water is freely available to the children throughout the day.


During the afternoon, children will be leaving with parents at different times. However, at 5:00 all children will be in their classrooms, clean and ready to go with mom and dad. After the children finish their preparations to leave, they will be busy in our play centers in each classroom.


The small numbers of children are brought to a central location for a quiet activity or story time until parents arrive.

Tuition & Fees

Registration Fees

  1. Registration fees are due on a yearly basis.
  2. Fees are due between March and June of each year.

Payment Policies

  1. Parents may pay tuition at Little Acorns as follows:
        a. Monthly: Full Payment due on or before the first.

    b. Semi-Monthly: Two equal payments due on or before the first and fifteenth.

  2. Little Acorns requires ACH direct deposit payment for tuition.

Late Fees

  1. Little Acorns closes promptly at 5:45 p.m. daily.
  2. Any child remaining at the center after closing will be subject to a substantial late fee.
    a. On-duty staff will expect parents to sign a promissory note, with the amount due to be paid directly to the on-duty staff person.
  1. The current late fee is $5.00 for the first minute and $2.50 per minute per child after 5:46pm.