Programs & Curriculum

We squirrels consider ourselves “berry” good parents!  Of course, our young ones are only with us five to eight weeks…Then they are on their own!  But that’s okay-we can have babies twice a year!  It is always difficult to leave our children in someone else’s care, even on a temporary basis.  In an effort to give all parents and children a happy preschool experience, our staff is available to discuss any questions or incidents that may arise.  Our goal is to become an extension, not a replacement, of the parent’s loving care.  We are here to serve you and really do understand how you feel.  We share your feelings: all children should be safe, happy and loved!  Please feel free to call us at any time to discuss your child and their needs.  Little Acorns welcomes families to take part in our curriculum planning, coming to read to classrooms, do art with them, etc.  We have an Open Door Policy which allows for unannounced visits to the center any time of the day during normal business hours.  I feel that you cannot do your job well unless we do ours well. It is our goal to do everything possible to keep parents and children satisfied.


Little Acorns’ developmentally appropriate curriculum and standards resources for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers include classroom floor plans, sample materials and books lists, sample letters to parents, weekly plans, activity plans, songs, and finger plays. The gross and fine motor activities include activity plans designed to enhance physical development for children from birth through 5 years.

This curriculum addresses all aspects of your child’s learning experience while at our center.  Curriculum goals are clearly outlined for each age group in their curriculum.  For further information you may ask our teachers to share the curriculum with you or go online to the following websites:

Children’s progress is assessed at Little Acorns in three ways.  Children are assessed through informal observations, work samplings and anecdotal notes. Assessments on the child’s progress are done 3 times per year and are available only to the child’s parents, directors, and teachers.

Daily Schedule

Whew! You moms and dads are lucky!  Only eight hours a day?  In the forest it’s sunup to sundown…forage and hoard, forage and hoard every single day!  Of course, we do get lots of fresh air, sunshine, and fresh air!!  And we get to eat on the job!

Center hours are 7:00-5:30 Monday – Friday.

All Federal Holidays are observed, and the center will be closed on any other occasion that the McCoy Building is closed.

Children’s Supplies

We squirrels travel light!!
A few nuts in our cheeks, our babies on our back, and we’re ready to hop!

  •  Food – Baby food, breast milk (labeled with their first and last name) or formula (pre-mixed in bottles with covers, labeled with their first and last name & date formula was mixed). Bottles of formula do not contain solid foods unless the child’s health care provider supplies written instructions and medical reason for this practice
  • Disposable diapers – According to the MSDH, childcare centers are not allowed to use cloth diapers in childcare centers.
  • Three clothing changes
  • Special blanket and small toys from home for floor time activities – Neither blankets nor toys are placed in infants’ cribs.

  • Please label everything with a laundry marker.  See infant room caregiver for a list of other things to be sent.

  • No quilts, pillows comforters, sheepskins, or stuffed toys are allowed in the cribs or rest equipment for infants younger than 8 months. Infants are monitored by sight and sound at all times. As a Back to Sleep Center to reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Little Acorns requires infants to sleep on their backs, unless otherwise ordered by a physician, on a firm surface that meets the standards of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. When your child is rolling over with ease, we will label their bed (I am rolling over).

  • Little Acorns does not use baby walkers at all in this facility. Baby walkers are identified as unsafe for infants by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the American Academy of Pediatrics and therefore are not used in Little Acorns.
  • The rugs in our classrooms have slip resistant backs.
  • Children older than one year receive two or more meals, teaching staff provide an opportunity for tooth brushing and gum cleaning. (The use of toothpaste is not required).

  • Small blanket – this blanket is sent home each Friday to be washed.
  • Diapers – if your child is still in diapers, please send a daily supply. Diapers are checked and changed at least every two hours and whenever soiled. Children are changed only in the designated changing areas. 

  • Clothing and Shoes –

    1.   Clothing – please send at least two changes of clothing, including underpants and socks to be kept in your child’s bag. Everything should be labeled and kept in a zippered vinyl bag. (The reason we need a zippered bag is so coats and clothing can be kept separate from other children’s belongings. This is a health department regulation.) Soiled clothing is immediately placed in a plastic bag and sent home that evening. 
    2.   Shoes – We feel rubber soled sneakers or oxfords are the safest alternative for your child and other children. Please do not send your child in dress shoes, cowboy boots or crocs and sandals to the center. They are a tripping hazard for our children.
  • Little Acorns will supply highchairs, toys, school supplies and art supplies for the children.