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The Mission of Little Acorns Child Development Center has remained the same since opening in 1990.

We are committed to providing our families with safe, high quality child care in a nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment. We seek to involve the parents of the children at Little Acorns with open doors, open hearts and open minds.

Program Information

Little Acorns is an established child care center serving the Jackson Metro area for both federal and private sectors. At Little Acorns, we realize that trust cannot be a noun at this time, but a verb. Trust, like acorns, must be planted and cultivated in order to grow. 

We seek to achieve this by treating the children as individuals and respect their needs, desires and feelings.  We try to explain things to children on their level and also remain consistent in behavior management. It would be an honor privilege to help your little acorn grow!

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Little Acorns Child Development Center-Powered By HiMama App

Little Acorns Child Development Center has launched the HiMama App as a new service for its families. The app delivers on Little Acorns commitment to enriching the family experience by building connections between children, parents and teachers. Ashley Elmore, Director of Little Acorns stated ” We believe that the mainstream adoption of mobile technologies like the HiMama App has allowed for a much needed change in the way that educators record, store, and share information. HiMama is at the forefront of this exciting change, allowing early childcare development centers like Little Acorns connect parents with their child throughout the day in a way that was never before possible”.

Why software is important for parent communication? Child care software can provide real-time updates that include learning and development reports, meal and eating recaps, sleep updates, digital portfolio’s, calendar’s and health information that allow early childhood professionals and parents to stay in constant communication. A parent who understands what their child is working on has a better sense of their child’s competency and which areas they need to work on to improve confidence and ability.